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Family Medicine

Family Medicine

We provide a full family practice with our full-time doctors providing services that include:

  • Prescription renewals

  • Review of  results

  • Physicals*

  • Pap tests*

  • Prenatal care*

  • Ongoing care*

  • Growth and Development*

  • Immunizations*

  • Lacerations*

  • Wart Treatment*

  • WCB*

  • ICBC*

  • Private Forms*

  • Pregnancy Testing*

  • Ear Syringing*

  • Flu Shots*

  • Consultations by referral*

*Currently, we are doing everything possible to comply with College policies of reducing in- patient visits where avoidable and in those cases to do Virtual or  Telehealth visits.

If you have an appointment we ask that you respect social distancing within the clinic.

Patients should wear a  mask when coming to the clinic, with flu type illnesses

We also ask that patients come to their appointments alone, unless a care-aide is medically necessary.

If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, such as cough, fever, or runny nose, please  book a virtual or phone call appointment by calling our front desk or online. and if needed   we  will  then bring you in  if  needed

We have also introduced   Covid-19  policies to reduce the spread of this virus within our clinic, including:  Plexiglass protective measures, aggressive use of hand washing, hand sanitizers and thorough cleaning of each examining room after each use.  

Book a virtual (Telehealth) appointment online

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